Clearways on Victoria Street

The Department of Transport is introducing changes to existing clearways to keep traffic flowing smoothly on Melbourne’s busy roads as part of the Clearways Management Program.

Clearway and tow-away zones help keep traffic flowing and reduce congestion by making sure there are no parked cars blocking roads during peak times.

From 1 December 2020, every existing clearway within 20 kilometres of Melbourne’s CBD will become a tow-away zone. While it will remain an offence to park in a clearway during the restricted times, once the new tow-away zones are in place, drivers parked illegally will also have their vehicle towed and receive a fine on top of the vehicle release fee. No new clearways are being created as part of this program.

Victoria Street clearway is already a designated tow-away zone.

We are sharing this information, to inform you about the changes being made to clearways across Melbourne.

We are making this change so there is a consistent approach to managing arterial road clearways. The changes will also help reduce congestion on Melbourne’s roads in preparation for traffic increasing when coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions are eased over the next few months.

The Clearways Management Program is part of the Victorian Government’s $340 million package to keep traffic moving on Melbourne’s roads. This broader program will transform the way we manage the road network by improving our response to proactive and predictable real time road management.

Outdoor dining

We are currently assisting local Councils to explore opportunities for outdoor dining as part of a range of initiatives to support Victoria’s economic recovery. Please contact the City of Yarra for more information about the application process. 

Please note that if an application for temporary on-road dining is approved, the operation of any clearway and tow-away zones directly in the area that has been approved for on-road dining will cease to apply.

Find out more

For more information on the Clearway Management Program visit the VicRoads website

If you have any questions about this information update or wish to discuss the clearway changes, please contact Margarita Falaras, Project Manager via

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